OvertUs, our service, an alliance.

OvertUs is a company which offers proper solutions for every organization satisfying technical and human quality.

Who we are?

Commitment, effort, quality, share our trip together.

OvertUs defines itself as a technology consultancy and specialized training firm based on the solid experience of the people working in it and on the commitment of the enterprise itself to certain values such as equity, dedication, integrity, team work and quality.

Our slogan “our service, an alliance” describes the way in which we are aimed at the achivement of excellence in the service we render our clients. Our distinctive sign, composed by our logotype and name, wants to mean open, overt; something open to us, an overt team. That is how we conceive the client-enterprise relationship: an alliance to join and complement efforts, one thing  we consider totally necessary in these days. This cooperation is the best way the firm can help the client, arranging and taking the most proper solution in each particular case.

We have concentrated our experience in the field of large information systems, where, on one hand, projects are aimed at improving eficiency and productivity and, on the other hand, team work and good planning are the key for succeeding.

The growth of the firm is based, for one hand, in the solid experience of the technicians and the way it is inherited by the brand new generations of employees, most of them coming from universities and technical colleges agreements; and, on the other hand, in a human resources policy which favours essential aspects such as the team work, the unity and a nice working environment.

This growth model allows us to combine the knowledge acquired in the banking sector along our extense career and the new trends and products in the information technologies, in general.


The mission of the firm intends to achieve is creating a working environment based on the effort, companionship, transparency, eficiency and equality of opportunities values and adding the concept of equity for the clients as well as for the employees.


The firm expects to become an active agent in the task of solving our clients challenges, adapting to their necessities and developing suitable solutions for each particular case.


Effort, dedication, companionship, transparency, equality of opportunities, justice , integrity

batch improvement


Decreasing of costs by reducing run time and resource consumption and decreasing batch window size.


Current system analysis, global department in-line organization as a result of sharing the same target, improvement measures registration and management and objective results measuring


Cost decrease of software providers, security framework increase for online processing, decrease of time invested in solving incidents and improve overall system utilization.

other services


Our service is mainly distinguished for the technical and human quality commitment we provide our clients, one thing that allows us not only to reach the efficiency required by the project, but also to excel our competitors.


Within the bussiness working environment we are well-known for our high quality and solid technical basis, as well as for our capabilities and talent to train and raise work teams with high commitment an efficiency levels.

sme and settled projects

We apply OvertUs own project management methodology designed to offer our clients, settled products, that which satify their necessities and quality requierements.

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our service, an alliance.


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